A Case for the Classic Scissor Cut

When it comes to mens hairstyles at Blue Tit, we’re all about classic scissor cuts. Our Crouch Hill salon co-owner Chris Merrick is a firm believer that they create a better look than the more common clipper cut – we caught up with him to find out why and check out his latest¬†scissor-based shoot…

“Scissor cutting is great for all mens hairstyles, for long hair, you get a lot more control and end up with a softer, more natural finish, but you’re still able to achieve the zero and skin fades that clippers create too.

Stylists pay up to ¬£1500 for a pair of scissors, and the best pairs give you a really precise cut – especially on curly hair – that you can refine with a point-cutting technique. Using scissors allows us to take our time and refine our skills to produce the kind of hair looks we can be really proud of. ”

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