• Get Festival Hair Ready At Secret Garden Party 2017

    It’s official… The last ever Secret Garden Party will take place from Thursday 20th – 24th July. And this summer, we’ll be returning to the magical festival to offer you the ultimate festival hairstyles at our salon pop-up. From glitter braids (pigtails, cornrows and fishtail plaits are on the list) to ’90s buns and essential […]

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  • Stylist of the month

    Name: Sandra Vacev
    Salon: Clapton

    Signature Cut: A 70s style fringe

    Hair Icon: Marianne Faithfull or Twiggy – all the 60s icons!

    Track of the Month: Serge Gainsbourg, Vanessa Paradis and Leonard Cohen

    Hangout: Servant Jazz Quarters in Dalston