Your salon journey post the lockdown

We are very excited to reopen our doors. We’ve worked hard to retain our team throughout the pandemic and look forward to seeing them back in the salons doing what they do best.

We have been busy behind the scenes preparing our salons to reopen. This has involved adapting each space to follow social distancing measures and investing in PPE and hygiene equipment to ensure we can operate as safely as possible. Your safety is our top priority and we’re proud to say the measures we’ve taken surpass government guidelines.

We have also introduced a new client journey outlining how things will work during your visit. Our entire team has been fully trained in all aspects of this new client journey, making your experience as relaxing and enjoyable as possible without compromising your wellbeing.

The past few months have been challenging and the pandemic has affected everyone in different ways. As ever, our team will strive to empathise with clients’ needs and show understanding of your individual experiences, and we ask for the same in return.

Here we have mapped out a step-by-step guide to your journey at Blue Tit. We hope this gives you the confidence and reassurance needed to fully enjoy your visit.

Important information about your appointment:

-Where necessary, we have extended opening hours to allow us to offer more appointments while social distancing. These will be available on our website.
-Each service has been extended by 15 minutes to allow for cleaning after every appointment. We have a rigorous checklist in place, so you can rest assured that you are entering a clean and sanitised environment.
-To reduce the number of people in each salon, our phone lines and online booking system are being manned remotely.
-Online video consultations will be offered when necessary.
-Cancellation policy: no-shows and cancellations within 24 hours of the appointment will be charged in full. You won’t be charged if you need to move your appointment because you or a member of your household are unwell and you need to self-isolate. Instead, we will rebook your appointment for 14 days or more after the original date and you will be charged if you do not attend your rescheduled appointment.
-If you develop symptoms after your visit, please inform us immediately to help with tracing.

Before your appointment:

-If you experience any Covid-19 symptoms or suspect you are ill, please do not attend your appointment and give us as much notice as possible.
-Our cloakrooms are closed, so please bring limited belongings as you’ll need to hold on to them.
-Please attend your appointment alone (carers are welcome if we are informed at the time of booking).
-Please get in touch if you have any special requirements. We will make every effort to accommodate these where possible.
-Clients are asked to wear a mask for the duration of their visit. If possible, please choose a mask with ear loops rather than elastic running across the back of your head, as this will hinder your stylist.

IMPORTANT ALLERGY TEST: All new colour clients and existing colour clients who have not had a colour service in more than 6 months must have an allergy test at least 48 hours before the service. Please download the guideline ALLERGY TEST GUIDELINE
-During your visit, we WON’T BE ABLE to serve drinks, however canned alcoholic drinks will be as always available for you to enjoy.

Arrival at the salon:

-Please arrive with clean hair (unless you have booked for a scalp bleach)
-Please arrive on time; not early or late. Clients will not be able to wait inside the salon. Where possible we may have chairs outside, but this will be space/weather dependent and isn’t guaranteed.
-Please knock and form a socially distanced queue outside the salon until invited inside. We have to ensure your stylist’s previous client has left before you enter.
-We will greet you warmly, but without a handshake or a hug.
-Please sanitise your hands with the supplied hand sanitiser. All equipment, surfaces and chairs will be thoroughly cleaned and sterilised between clients.

During the visit:

-We are running a reduced service to maintain social distancing guidelines and keep clients two metres apart.
-Biodegradable single-use gowns and towels will be used.
-Hand sanitiser will be available at the salon entrance, reception desk, toilets and at each station.
-No magazines will be available, so please bring your own if you’d like to read something while your colour develops.
-Canned alcoholic drinks will be available, but no hot drinks will be served.
-You’ll be looked after by up to two team members, but your experience will be one-on-one wherever possible.
-Each stylist will be dedicated to one workstation to minimise cross-contamination.
-Team members will wash and sanitise their hands before each client arrives. They will also wear face masks and gloves during your consultation and throughout the service.
-To minimise face-to-face contact, we will communicate only through the mirror. Please don’t be offended, but we can’t talk during your hair-wash.
-As usual, our stylists will happily advise you on the best products for your hair. Please don’t touch retail products unless you intend to buy them.
-Toilets will be cleaned and sanitised after every use.
-As always, if during your visit there is anything you think we can improve, please get in touch with the salon manager or email

After the service:

-We are now cashless and can only accept card payments or vouchers.
-Our card machines will be sterilised before and after each use.
-We encourage all clients to rebook in order to secure your next appointment and assist us in managing our capacity during this time.
-Thank you for supporting us with your visit; if you wish to support us further please leave a Google review.
-We’ll send you a little survey after your visit and would appreciate any feedback on how we can further improve our new client journey during these challenging times.

We are really excited to see you again